Positive Behavior Support

PBS is designed to create a climate of cooperation between the students and staff, academic excellence, respect, and safety.  We have had full implementation of our PBS plan for 7 years.

We as a staff are working together with the students to teach appropriate behavior, reward appropriate behavior, and encourage positive behaviors.  By following our school-wide PBS plan, we can improve our school climate and academic performance, encourage active learning, and reduce the number of behavior disruptions.

Some of the PBS strategies we utilize are:

  • Staff developed school-wide expectations and rules
  • Teaching and modeling positive behaviors
  • Rewarding appropriate behaviors
  • Effective consequences for inappropriate behaviors
  • Staff review of behavioral data and adjust the plan as needed
  • Ongoing training for staff

We have a team of teachers that meet monthly to discuss PBS policies and procedures.  Some of the items discussed are: behavioral data, student rewards/incentives, and school-wide policies and their effectiveness.  The PBS team comprises of one representative from each grade level, our guidance counselor, Mrs. Ward, and Mrs. Eckman.

At the beginning of each school year, each teacher takes the time to review our five Class Acts: Act Responsibly, Act Respectfully, Act Reliably, Act as Requested and Act Safely.  The teachers also review the five Class Acts as needed throughout the school year.

Students are able to earn Whiz Kid Tickets (Kindergarten – 2nd grade) or Whiz Kid stamps (3rd – 5th grade) for behaving like a Class Act.  Blue Whiz Kid Tickets are earned throughout the entire year and can be earned for any of the class acts.  Beginning in November, students are able to earn Golden Whiz Kid Tickets for demonstrating the Class Act we are focusing on in that month.  These tickets are used to earn a monthly incentive.  Some incentives used last year were:  Jersey Day, Hat Day, Camo/Green Day, etc.  Stay tuned for details on the incentives for each month!


2006-2007 Model School
2007-2008 Model School
2008-2009 Silver
2009-2010 Gold
2010-2011 Gold
2011-2012 Silver